Species for collectors

TO HELP YOU IN YOUR CHOICE You will find for each species culture profile a section entitled "Level" that will allow you to know quickly the difficulty culture of the concerned plant. This ranking is bare of mercantile vision. It is established by us, from our long experience in carnivorous plant culture (more than 30 years) and completed by our customers feedback about the difficulty encountered in the conservation of their own plants. THE MENTIONS : Level: Beginner. The carnivorous plant ranked in this level are perfect for novices or beginners. They will allow him to become familiar with basic techniques. In three years he will be able to cultivate more sensitive species reserved for amateurs. Level: Amateur. The carnivorous plants ranked in this level will be appealing for the amateur. He will feel with them the pleasure of succeeding growing less malleable carnivorous plants but so desirable both by their beauty endearing forms. Level: Experienced Amateur. Carnivorous plants ranked in this level are reserved for experienced amateurs. Here patience is highlighted as a gardener's vital vertue. Wait seven to ten years before purchasing such plants because any error, however a small one will result in the loss of the plant.


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