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More than 113 species, many varieties and forms, horticol and natural hybrids. Living in south east asia, Madagascar, India, Australia and New Caledonia. Pitcher traps, capture by slipping and drowning. Prey: insects and exceptionally frogs and rats. Digestion: enzymes, bacteria. Assimilation: through glands. Plant dioecious. Passive carnivorous plant.

  • Nepenthes "bloody mary"
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    Nepenthes "bloody mary"

    Horticultural hybrid (Nepenthes ventricosa x Nepenthes ampullaria), named Nepenthes "bloody mary", unregistered name. Lowland. Perennial plant 50 cm tall. Longitudinal green-yellow leaves with red margins. Very nice stocky blood red pitchers, on of the most beautiful hybrid proposed. Flowering: 6/8, inflorescences.

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  • Nepenthes x ventrata
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    Nepenthes x ventrata

    (Nepenthes ventricosa x  Nepenthes alata). Perennial epiphytic or terrestrial plant, 40 cm tall. Green elliptic leaves, bronze green round-shaped pitchers, close to Nepenthes ventricosa. Flowering : 6/8, inflorescence.

    10,00 €

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