These Drosera need tropical condition along the year. They will be idealy grow in terrariums with light complementation in winter.
  • Drosera intermedia ''plante tropicale''
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    Drosera intermedia ''tropical plant''

    Perennial tropical plant, 7 cm tall close to D. intermedia, but with less frail and most vigorous leaves. Flowering: 5/11, small white succeeding flowers. Easy resowing. This plant requires temperatures never below to 18-20 °C.

    8,00 €
  • Drosera adelae
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    Drosera adelae

    Perennial plant, 15 cm to 20 cm tall. Narrow lanceolate light green leaves with sparse glandular hairs. Flowering: unpredictable, tiny red flowers.

    7,00 €
  • Drosera affinis
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    Drosera affinis

    Plant with a very long stem, flexible, 10-25 cm long. Narrowly spatulate and oblanceolate leaves. Flowering: 5/9, small purple flowers.

    10,00 €
  • Drosera anglica "hawai"
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    Drosera anglica "hawai"

    Location of Drosera anglica which require tropical conditions due to its origins(Kauai island, Hawaii). Flowering: 5/9, white flowers.  

    9,00 €

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