These Nepenthes grow in highland conditions, their require cool night temperature, above 12 °C. Light supplementation is beneficial in winter.
  • Nepenthes x ventrata
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    Nepenthes x ventrata

    (Nepenthes ventricosa x  Nepenthes alata). Perennial epiphytic or terrestrial plant, 40 cm tall. Green elliptic leaves, bronze green round-shaped pitchers, close to Nepenthes ventricosa. Flowering : 6/8, inflorescence.

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  • Nepenthes "bloody mary"
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    Nepenthes "bloody mary"

    Horticultural hybrid (Nepenthes ventricosa x Nepenthes ampullaria), named Nepenthes "bloody mary", unregistered name. Lowland. Perennial plant 50 cm tall. Longitudinal green-yellow leaves with red margins. Very nice stocky blood red pitchers, on of the most beautiful hybrid proposed. Flowering: 6/8, inflorescences.

    16,00 €

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