Our second passion concern hardy orchids, especially the genus Cypripedium, as known as Lady's slipper orchids. Our growing began in 1986 and was poorly conclusive until the last year. Recent improvements in tissue culture germination and multiplication techniques, and advancies made in our nursery at the same time about their acclimatation, led us to propose today a wide choice, while preserving wilde populations. Our nursery is registered to the ministry of agriculture under the number : DPN 3 288 002 to multiply and sell Cypripedium calceolus. These orchids are often considered as ones of the most beautiful species for outdoor garden cultivation. Most of them are not sensitive to frost. Flowering took place from april to june. The flowers are wide enough, clog or slipper-shaped, could present uniform or variegated colors, sometimes spotted. The most precocious as: Cypripedium formosanum flowering in march here in Gers. On the other hand, Cypripedium reginaeis, one of the belated, flowering in june. Their cultivation is not very hard if you apply advices provided in culture sheets for each species. The key to success, which will be your pride, is to have a such sumptuous orchid in your gardens. Advice: begin by culturing vigorous and prolific flowerer horticultural cultivars. You can find them easily in our list: the species name is between simple quote: ex. Cypripedium ‘Gisela’. If your plant have a complete cycle, which means growing in spring/summer, dormancy in autumn/winter and regrow the next spring, you could plan to cultivate botanical species. They usually are more delicate. You must notice that the famous Cypripedium calceolus, is not very easy to grow

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