A passion story (J.J. Labat)

I aquired my first carnivorous plant when I was 9-10 years old and I must confess that it was a failure. At this time, I was a fan of a children magazine which was published once a week, this magazine was the french famous Pif Gadjet. Many years after publication cessation, it is back in the newsstands. This lack has not started its presence in 35-60 years old mind now. You just have to pronounce the words : Pifises, invisible ink pencil, jumping peas, Aquarina, compression car, etc... to light up the eyes. So many gadgets that have certainly raised some passions. I am indebted to this magazine for my love for carnivorous plants, one day the gadget was none other than a Venus fly-trap bulb, the famous Dionaea. Despite my good cares, the plants didn't grow and I was realy frustrated. I understood later that the bulb was yet dead at the time of journal publication. Much later by a walk on Mount Aigoual (Gard, south of France), I discovered my first carnivorous plant "in the flesh" in a peat bog: it was a tiny rounded leaves sundew. Since that day, carnivorous plants do not left me and we decided in 80's to create an horticultural nursery specialized in carnivorous plant production.

Our company

Our nursery Nature et Paysages and the Carnivourous Plant Botanical Garden is located in France, Midi-PyrénéesRegion, Gers department. The structure extends over 6000 m2, it stands in the Gascony heart at about ten kilometers from Auch, in the village of Peyrusse-Massa. The climate is considered as altered oceanic.

Collection and nursery

- 30 years of research, made of contacts in France, Europe and worldwide was necessary to gather the collection. This collection is one of the most profuse in the world by the number of conserved species.

The collection is registered by French Conservatory of Vegetal Specialized Collection (CCVS) since 1995 under seal of approval "Carnivorous Plant National Collection".

- We are membre of Nurseryman Collector Society (ASPECO), this structure aims to help horticulturists who keep actively vegetal biodiveristy, with competence and passion, they grow and multiply wide scale of most rare variety.



- In 1999 our garden was attached to the "sponsored charter" by Botanical Garden of France (JBF), and our structure approved by Carnivorous Plant Botanical Garden.



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