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If there is a plant from my nursery that I should give the palm for anthropomorphic visions which it suggests, it would be certainly a small bladderwort which meets the pretty name "Sanderson's bladderwort". If you look very closely its small blue flowers and letting your imagination to wander, you'll see the shape of a rabbit, a goblin, etc... During my conferences, I have decided to present the photograph of the flower in close-up: its measure actually only one cm. The public reacts always with great enthusiasm on the various similarities which this flower can evoke. I deliberately conceal here the funniest suggestions, but don't hesitate, when you will adopt this plant, to write and to let me know your thoughts ...

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To cultivate these carnivorous plants, hold the following 4 advices.

1 - Repotting : as soon as buying, in a large pot fitted with plastic saucer or in a tray with water tank gauged. Do not be afraid by ridicule, it requires a depth of 20 to 40 cm minimum, and as much on the sides, whether for a single plant or four. The repotting is done every four years, renewing only the substrate.

2 - Substrate : only composed of 70% of natural peat moss (certainely not brown peat) without any addition, + 30% sand for aquarium bought in an aquarium store. Thoroughly mix the 2 elements and waterlogged.

3 - Watering : preferably use two kinds of water: rainwater harvested of course in a non-polluted area, or demineralized water (not flavored) which serves to irons steam and batteries. Let dip the base of the pot in 2 to 3 cm of water from the beginning of May to October. For pots with water reserve, place the water level to a quarter of the height gauge. In winter, from November to April, do not let water in the saucer, just keep the soil barely moist:  touch it with your index finger, a trace of moisture should remain on the finger. Watering should be done during this period on the top of the substrate.

4 - Light : essential to the growth of carnivorous plants, otherwise you will see your plants being deformed and pass from life to death.

► In springs when the frosts are finished, place them outside on a window sill, balcony, or garden, always in direct sunlight, do not get in during sudden weather changes.
► During winter,
in the house put them near the windows at 10 or 15 cm of the glass at the same level as the latter. Temperatures must be between 1 °C and 16 °C, for 2 or 3 months. They can grow well in a conservatory or greenhouse, if the temperatures are respected.


Never do it. Never believe it.

Never spray the plants with water.

No fertilizer, they are frugal.

Do not feed with insects nor with chopped meat. They won't die of hunger, their roots allow them to draw water, and small amounts of minerals contained in the peat. The supplement is made by the catched preys.

Do not use the ultra fast trap closure of Dionaea as a vegetal gadget. Even if young children are the best audience for these  green crunchers, you must inform them about these traps. The jaw-leaf closes only three times, then dies.

For more information, do not send regular mail but phone to +(33) in french or send e-mail to

OriginSouth Africa
CultureAverage temperature in winter betwenn 8 °C and 15 °C
Difficulty levelBeginner
Frost sensitiveYes (no resistance)
Number of plant per pot1
Growth stageMature
Life-expectancyPerennial (several years)
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purchased  By (Madrid, Spain) on 22 June 2018 (Hobbit or Rabbit, it's Your Choice!) :

Beautiful plant

The plant arrived in just 2 days (to Spain) in excellent condition, remarkable for such a delicate plant. The packaging was very well done, love that the plants are sent in pots. The plant is of a very good size, and had lots of flower stalks. It seems to be acclimating well to the new conditions. Best seller I found until now.

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