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The beginners area. The carnivorous plant ranked in this level are perfect for novices or beginners. They will allow him to become familiar with basic techniques. In three years he will be able to cultivate more sensitive species reserved for amateurs.

  • Lutin ou Lapin à vous de choisir !
    Hobbit or Rabbit, it's Your Choice!

    If there is a plant from my nursery that I should give the palm for anthropomorphic visions which it suggests, it would be certainly a small bladderwort which meets the pretty name "Sanderson's bladderwort". If you look very closely its small blue flowers and letting your imagination to wander, you'll see the shape of a rabbit, a goblin, etc... During my...

    6,00 €
  • Le Rossolis d'Alice
    The Alice's Sundew

    Named in 1905 after a person named Alice, this nice sundew (the other name of the Drosera) was discovered in South Africa. A little gem, sparkling in the sun, covered with hundreds of drops of dew bewitching for attracted prey. Lovely small pink flowers during all summer.

    5,00 €
  • Le Beau Ventru
    The Beautiful Belly

    When the wind brushes the mixture in the Philippines in the territory of pitchers plants(another name for Nepenthes) appears the "The Beautiful Belly". This plant comes from a natural cross between  Nepenthes ventricosa and Nepenthes alata. The nice cylindrical traps, rouded at the base, express, when you look them a certain fullness. Greedy, bon vivant,...

    9,00 €
  • Le Rossolis du Cap
    The Cape Sundew

    Go on a trip to the Cape of Good Hope with this sundew! look at this plant and close your eyes, as long as your imagination is wandering, it takes you to the regions of South Africa: Bainskloof, Gitberg, Hermanus, ... where it grows. There, in a scrub vegetation, kneeling in front of the little carnivorous plant you will succumb to its charm of...

    5,00 €
  • The Carnivorous Salad
    The Carnivorous Salad

    It reminds in summer, without its flowers, a nice salad. It is true that the rosette of leaves at this season can reach 20 cm in diameter. It is its carnivorous leaves, oily to the touch, that gave the common name for this kind of plant: butterworts. Pinguicula 'Tina' is its scientific name, many lilac flowers with a yellow throat emerge in the heart of...

    7,00 €
  • Le Miraculum Naturae
    The Miraculum Naturae

    Noticed by Charles Darwin as the most wonderful plant in the world. The closure of the jaw leaves in less than one second on imprudent insects will surprinsing you. Pure white flowers in springs.

    5,00 €
  • Sarracenia Juthatip Soper
    Three-Color Leaves

    The English horticulturist Mattew Soper obtained this nice cultivar and deserve our gratitude.The English horticulturist Mattew Soper obtained this nice cultivar and deserve our gratitude. He cleverly and carefully chosen this wonderful Sarracenia crowned of the "RHS Gold Medals" by the English. Imagine the plant in summer: it has several leaves, each...

    16,00 €

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