List of products by manufacturer Brocchinia

Five species of which 2 are proto-carnivorous. Living in South America. Cornet-shaped traps. The insects are catched by slipping down and drowing. Preys: insects. Digestion : only by bacteria. Assimilation: through glandular hairs called trichome. Passive carnivorous plant.

  • Brocchinia reducta
    Brocchinia reducta (juvenile)

    Perennial terrestrial plant, 30 cm to 50 cm tall. Narrow erected cylindrical leaves, yellow-greenish colored, collecting rain water. Flowering: unpredictalbe, inflorescence of small white flowers.

    14,00 €
  • Brocchinia tatei
    Brocchinia tatei

    Perrenial terestrial plant, 30 cm to 60 cm tall. Narrow and erected yellow greenish drainpipe-shaped leaves arranged along a central axis and collecting rainwater. Flowering : variable, capitulum of white small flowers.

    16,00 €

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